Ready To Find Out If You Are A Candidate For Same Day Crowns In Bowling Green, KY? This Is What Makes You A Same Day Crowns Candidate!

Patient with a healthy smile
Have an imperfect looking smile? Struggling with self-esteem because teeth are damaged or stand out in an unattractive way? When people have these dental problems, then they may be a good candidate for same day crowns in Bowling Green, KY. Same day crowns give patients a beautiful and strong new smile that will allow them to live their life normally. Ready to find out more about what makes people same day crowns candidates? Here is more information on what makes people candidates for same day crowns.

What Makes Me A Candidate For Same Day Crowns In Bowling Green, KY?

There are a number of people who are candidates for same day crowns. The following gives more detailed information on who candidates for same day crowns are:
  • Have severe tooth decay or fractures.
  • Have teeth that are chipped or misshapen.
  • Have teeth that are weak or discolored.

Why Should I Get Treated With Same Day Crowns?

Same day crowns function just like regular tooth crowns but are a special type of tooth crown because they can be placed in just one appointment. Patients can simply make an appointment, be evaluated for same day crowns, and update their smiles efficiently and effectively. The doctor will have the latest tools, an in-house milling machine, and high-quality software systems to expertly treat the patient with same day crowns. A same day crowns procedure starts with an examination. During the examination, the doctor will use a handheld intraoral scanning device to create a digital map of the patient’s affected tooth. The digital map is highly precise and is uploaded into special software. The software then establishes the appropriate shape, size, and color of the tooth crown. This information is sent directly to the milling machine where a tooth crown is fabricated from a reliable, strong material. When the fabricated tooth crown is made, the doctor polishes it to look and feel natural. At that point, the doctor can cap the prepared tooth with the tooth crown. Any adjustments are made with the tooth crown in real time throughout the procedure. The patient ends up leaving the office with a beautiful and strong new smile in just one day.

See Us Now So We Can Determine Your Candidacy For Same Day Crowns

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