Will My Teeth Be Prepared For A Tooth Crown Procedure?

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A tooth crown in Bowling Green, KY is a type of dental restoration that is used to cap a weakened or damaged tooth or be attached to tooth replacement options like dental implants. Tooth crowns can also be used to give patients a better-looking smile. When people go for a tooth crown procedure, their natural tooth or teeth will have to first be prepared. Want to learn more about how teeth are prepared for tooth crowns? Continue reading to find out more.  

How Are My Teeth Prepared For Tooth Crowns In Bowling Green, KY?

When people want to restore their smile with tooth crowns, the teeth that the tooth crowns are placed on must first be prepared. First, the stability and health of the teeth will be determined. If the tooth root is severely damaged or if there's a significant amount of tooth decay, other treatments might be necessary to prepare the tooth for a tooth crown. For instance, people may require a root canal treatment before they can be treated with a tooth crown. When teeth are being examined, the color, shape, and size of the tooth crown can also be planned to match the patient’s natural teeth. The natural tooth is further prepared for tooth crowns through the administration of sedation dentistry to the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. With sedation dentistry, patients will have a comfortable and anxiety-free tooth crown procedure experience. Next, the natural tooth will be reshaped for the tooth crown to be precisely and comfortably placed on. Specifically, a small amount of tooth enamel will be removed.   If a large area of the tooth is missing, on the other hand, filling material will need to be used to build up the area so it can support the tooth crown. After the tooth is reshaped, impressions of the tooth and the surrounding teeth are taken. The impressions go to a dental lab where the tooth crown is custom-made. A temporary tooth crown can then be given to the patient to protect their tooth until the final crown is ready. Once the final tooth crown is ready, it can be placed on the tooth, giving patients a strong and beautiful new smile.

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