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Your jawbone needs stimulation from teeth to remain healthy and strong. Patients who have been missing teeth for some time may notice the physical effects of bone resorption: ill-fitting dentures and a “sunken-in” facial appearance. But low bone density can also lead to additional tooth loss and loss of oral function which can have drastic effects on your diet and overall health. If you’ve been told that you can’t receive dental implants because you’ve lost too much jawbone, we encourage you to meet with our dentists. We’re skilled in a comprehensive range of bone grafting services and have the expertise to restore your jaw’s health and replace your missing teeth with dental implants. Your bone grafting treatment, dental implant surgery, and restorative care are all completed comfortably at our office, enhancing both the efficiency and convenience of your care. We encourage you to schedule your appointment with us and receive timely bone grafting in Bowling Green, KY!

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Benefiting from Comprehensive Care

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Specialized Bone Grafting Techniques

Our specialized bone grafting services are personalized and designed to restore proper bone levels in your jaw so you can resume proper function and restore your smile with dental implants.

A technique used to replace vertical and horizontal bone levels in the jaw following more extensive bone loss. Ridge augmentation restores the natural bone contours and density to safely support dental implants. This bone grafting procedure is often used after a tooth is extracted ensuring the empty tooth socket heals properly.

A procedure that replaces bone in the upper back portion of the jaw. Loss or extraction of molars in the upper arch causes the bone to resorb upward as well as the sinus cavity above to sink downward. A sinus lift involves elevating this cavity membrane so bone grafting material can be placed beneath to restore the proper bone height and density. When healed, this bone will be able to support a dental implant.

A treatment that encourages optimal hard and soft tissue healing by separating the two tissues. Bone and periodontal tissue heal at different rates, so by placing a barrier membrane between them, the bone can heal and regenerate without any gum tissue migration. This technique is often used in conjunction with our bone grafting procedures to maximize healthy healing.

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