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If you’re like many patients, even the thought of visiting the dentist causes you to feel anxious or afraid. We understand this fear, and we’re here to ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible and for you to feel welcomed and safe at our office. We never judge our patients for their dental anxiety, the condition of their teeth, or if they need sedation dentistry in Bowling Green, KY to relax during a procedure as “simple” as a dental cleaning. In addition to soothing amenities, we offer IV sedation, the most customizable type of conscious sedation available. With a personalized level of sedation administered intravenously, you will virtually sleep through any procedure, whether simple or complex, and wake without remembering what happened. This type of sedation has helped many of our patients get the dental work they need completed and experience a better overall visit to our Bowling Green office. No matter your level of dental anxiety, we have the sedation options, including IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide, you need to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed with us.

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Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?

Our Sedation Dentistry Solutions

No two patients are alike in their dental anxiety, so we provide a comprehensive range of sedation options to ensure your total comfort at your appointment. We’ll discuss these solutions with you and learn about your anxieties to provide the best solution for your needs.

Minimal sedation option that helps you feel relaxed, though you’ll be fully awake and responsive during your appointment. Nitrous is breathed in through your nose and has no aftereffects. We can combine nitrous with Valium or other anti-anxiety medication to maximize your comfort.

Moderate sedation option that is a prescribed anti-anxiety pill that will put you in a pleasantly hazy state and help you feel relaxed. You’ll take this medication by mouth about an hour before your appointment. You most likely won’t remember much of your procedure and will need assistance returning home.

Deeper sedation option that lets you “sleep” comfortably through your treatment and wake with no memory of your procedure. We’re trained and certified to administer this level of sedation intravenously and will monitor your vitals to ensure you’re safe and comfortable. You’ll need to recover for a short period of time and will need assistance returning home.

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