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Rethinking Root Canals

If you have an infected tooth and need a root canal in Bowling Green, KY, there’s no reason to feel nervous. Millions of root canals are completed every year, and our skilled dentists perform these procedures on a routine basis—safely, efficiently, and comfortably. We assure you that any misconceptions you may have about root canals can be eliminated thanks to our modern techniques, technology, and sedation. Most patients are relieved to know that root canals are no more uncomfortable than getting a simple filling and it will save your natural tooth from extraction! If you are experiencing any symptoms of an infected tooth, we encourage you not to delay getting treatment. Infection from a badly decayed or abscessed tooth can quickly spread through your bone and into the rest of your body. Removing this infection not only ensures your natural tooth is healthy, but that your overall health is unharmed as well.

Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

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Root Canals and Restorations in One Visit

A tooth treated with a root canal procedure often needs reinforcement with a dental crown to keep the tooth strong and healthy long-term. At our Bowling Green, KY practice, we can eliminate your tooth infection and attach a custom dental crown in a single appointment, keeping your treatment as streamlined and convenient as possible. During your procedure, infected pulp and tissues are removed from the interior of the tooth and these canals are cleaned and sealed to prevent bacteria from entering. Then, using our in-house milling machine, we fabricate a custom dental crown while you wait comfortably in our calming treatment suite. Once the crown is milled, we finalize the fit, then attach this crown to your tooth to restore it’s shape, color, and strength. In just a few hours, you can alleviate your chronic tooth pain and restore a virtually brand new, pain-free tooth!

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