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We’re proud to offer patients in our community with comprehensive family dentistry in Bowling Green, KY. Our caring family dentists have years of experience helping patients of all ages feel welcome, safe, and taken care of in our office. From our spacious waiting rooms to the friendly staff and our comprehensive list of services, we make our practice a comfortable and convenient place to bring yourself, children, spouse, or parents. Best of all we do our best to ensure your appointments are always on time and meet everyone’s dental needs, no matter how many people are in your family. We’ll provide comprehensive care that is affordable and high-quality. If you’re searching for a new dentist for your family, we welcome you to visit Chandler Park Dental Care!

Our Family Dentistry Services

Neuromuscular Dentistry: Starting with the Bite

A healthy bite that comes together properly (occlusion) is the foundation for a healthy mouth. If you are living with jaw problems like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) or grind and clench your teeth, it may be because your teeth don’t come together properly. Without treatment, you risk jaw discomfort, muscle strain, chewing issues, worn down teeth, and even head and neck pain. Neuromuscular dentistry [link to neuromuscular dentistry brochure] addresses these problems with a comprehensive approach that looks at how your joints, teeth, and muscles work (or aren’t working) together. 

We begin treatment with a TENS device that uses mild electrical stimulation to relax the muscles in the face and around the jaws. We may even use a sonogram to evaluate your jaw and joint function. Our dentists are specialized in this type of treatment and by using these precise diagnostic tools, can provide an orthotic, an appliance you’ll wear to keep your bite in the most ideal position. Since we’re already addressing issues behind the scenes, more permanent solutions like orthodontics will have better long-term results!

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Beautiful, Healthy Smiles for Life

We’re here to ensure every patient in our community has a beautiful, healthy smile their entire life. In fact, in order to help everyone achieve this, including patients in need and those without insurance, we offer an annual free day of dentistry! An attractive smile free from infection and pain will let you eat and talk comfortably and can greatly boost your self-confidence. A healthy smile also promotes better physical health, and we’re especially attentive to our young patients to ensure good oral hygiene habits are instilled at an early age. But no matter your age or if you haven’t seen a family dentist in years, we’re here to help each patient attain a great level of oral health and improved confidence. Our team of experienced dentists, hygienists, and staff are understanding of the reservations both children and adults can feel about visiting the dentist. With our compassionate approach and sedation dentistry options, our patients never feel anxious or fearful about visiting our office or receiving dental care. We’d love to help you and your family get the dentistry you need, too!

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