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Are you embarrassed to smile because you’re self-conscious about how your teeth look? Even if your teeth don’t have any functional concerns, we know that having a smile you dislike can significantly affect your self-esteem and desire to socialize with others. Our cosmetic dentistry team is here to help you find joy and confidence in a smile you’re proud to call your own! Using our advanced planning software and skill in cosmetic dentistry treatments, we’ll give you a smile makeover in Bowling Green, KY that perfectly complements your natural facial aesthetics and character. You’re uniquely you, and your smile will be, too! Schedule your first appointment today and see how we can enhance your smile with our PreVu™ smile simulation technology!

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If you know you want a smile makeover, but are hesitant to commit to the treatment process, you will benefit from our PreVu software! At your appointment, we’ll capture a photo of you smiling, then upload it to our software so we can digitally transform your teeth. The smile you see on the screen of beautifully straight, white teeth can be yours with our custom smile makeover treatment! We can transform chipped, gapped, crooked, discolored, and missing teeth through our artistry and skill as cosmetic dentists, giving you a smile you can confidently show others.

Building Beautiful, Confident Smiles

We’ll personalize your smile makeover to you and through our digital smile design process, we can do so with amazing predictability and beautiful results. The length of your treatment will be based on the number and complexity of your smile makeover treatments. Some patients can receive same-day dental crowns, while others may need to complete a healing period to ensure their new smile with dental implants provides long-term benefits. During this process, our skilled dentists do all they can to help you feel comfortable transitioning into your new smile, providing temporaries or other restorative options if needed. It won’t be long before your treatments are complete, and we reveal your brand new healthy, attractive smile!

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