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Comfortable, Pain-Free Laser Gum Treatment

The Minimally Invasive Alternative

If you need functional or cosmetic gum tissue treatment, you can now choose the minimally invasive alternative to traditional cut-and-sew procedures: laser dentistry! Dental lasers use targeted light to painlessly eradicate soft tissue without causing bleeding or swelling and are ideal for a variety of treatments, including frenectomies, gingivectomies, gummy smile treatment, and laser gum disease in Bowling Green, KY. Many of our patients are thrilled to know of this alternative, especially since it eliminates many anxiety-inducing parts of dental treatment, like the sound or vibration of dental drills. In fact, most of our patients don’t even need sedation dentistry to experience a comfortable appointment! Our skilled dentists are trained in laser therapies and offer this amazing solution at our office. If you’re worried about pain or anxiety associated with soft tissue treatment, we can use gentle laser therapy to return your gum tissue to optimal health efficiently and painlessly!

Benefiting from Laser Dentistry

Our Laser Dentistry Treatment

Treating Gum Disease with Laser Therapy

Dental lasers have provided a comfortable and minimally invasive alternative to traditional osseous surgery for gum disease. Laser gum therapy removes diseased gum tissue, cleans the teeth and periodontal pockets, and accelerates new gum and bone regeneration—all without the need for scalpels and incisions! Due to the cauterizing effects of the dental laser, patients who undergo laser gum disease treatment experience minimal pain, bleeding, or swelling during and after the procedure!

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