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Are Missing Teeth Limiting Your Life?

Dentures Improve How You Feel, Eat, and Look

Are you struggling to eat, speak, or feel confident due to decaying or missing teeth? You can minimize these struggles with modern dentures! Made from life-like and durable materials, today’s dentures are nothing like those of the past and can provide natural esthetics, while improving your ability to bite and chew foods. They can also give you the confidence boost you need to socialize with friends, attend events, or even go on dates! We can help you return to this quality of life with our custom-fitted dentures in Bowling Green, KY. Don’t let your failing or missing teeth cause you pain or embarrassment any longer. Schedule your dentures consultation at our state-of-the-art office today.

Why Choose Dentures?

Modern dentures can give you the improved quality of life you need to feel attractive, eat healthier, and engage more confidently with others. Using such advanced technologies as intraoral cameras and cone beam CT scans, we can accurately assess the bone in your jaw and custom-make dentures to fit comfortably in your mouth for greater function. Dentures can help improve your life in other ways, too, including:

Improving Stability with Dental Implants

If you have no teeth, modern dentures can certainly improve your life. However, if you desire greater stability than a removable denture provides, choose implant supported dentures. This solution maintains the natural look and feel of lifelike dentures, but instead of needing pastes and suction to remain in place, uses two or more dental implants. These permanent “tooth roots” are surgically placed into your natural bone and help keep the attached denture from becoming loose in your mouth. In fact, you won’t ever need to worry about your dentures slipping or falling out again! Overall, implant supported dentures can provide a greater boost in your quality of life that many patients never experience with removable dentures. We can help you afford this longer-lasting solution, too, and offer many financial options, including third-party financing and dental savings plans. Schedule your consultation to discover which solution is best for you!

Tired of the limitations of missing teeth?

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