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A Brand-New Tooth
in One Visit

Fix a Tooth without the Wait

Need to fix a tooth but don’t have the time to make multiple visits to the dentist? If you chipped or cracked your tooth, need root canal therapy, or a large cavity filled, you’ll benefit from our same-day crowns in Bowling Green, KY! Using E4D technology, we can restore your tooth from start to finish in one appointment at our office! Our dentists and staff are trained in this design software and milling technology and are experienced in restoring cosmetic or functional flaws with your teeth, with convenience and efficiency. Don’t wait to have your tooth repaired! Our same-day crowns often only take one visit and will result in a beautiful, Our same day crowns will result in a beautiful , functional new tooth! 

Same-Day Dentistry Advantages

  • Custom, porcelain tooth in one visit
  • High-quality and durable restoration
  • Convenient, fast, and efficient process

A New Tooth in One visit

No messy paste impressions here! We’ll carefully prepare your tooth by removing enamel from around the edges. Next, using an intraoral scanner, we’ll take high-quality images of your prepared tooth. This process is fast and won’t include any of the issues associated with traditional impressions! No gagging, discomfort, or bad tastes in your mouth.

Using our planning software, we’ll digitally design your new crown to fit exactly over your prepared tooth and be the proper size, shade, and shape. This design is sent to our in-house milling machine that will fabricate your new crown while you wait comfortably in your treatment suite. Because this process is digital and completed right in our office, we’re in complete control over the quality and fit of your new crown and can make adjustments in real-time.

We’ll add the finishing touches to your newly milled crown, including finishing polish to provide life-like beauty. Then, we’ll fit the crown to your tooth. When we’ve finalized the look and fit of your new crown, we’ll bond it to your existing tooth. In about one hour, your treatment process will be complete! You can now enjoy a new tooth that functions naturally and looks attractive.

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