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If you have a tooth that is unsalvageable due to trauma, disease, or severe decay, you’ll most likely need a tooth extraction. But listen here, tooth extractions are fairly simple and comfortable procedures, with our expertise and help from sedation services. Our experienced dentists complete tooth extractions in Bowling Green, KY daily and use techniques that keep your procedure as gentle and safe as possible, too. By removing your problem tooth, we can help ensure that the rest of your teeth and your mouth remain in good health. We’ll walk you through the process, so you’ll know what to expect and provide all post-operative instructions and follow-up care to help accelerate your recovery and make sure no complications, like a dry socket, occur after your procedure. Tooth extractions don’t have to be scary. In fact, they’re sometimes the best way to ensure your oral and overall health stay on track, especially if you replace your extracted tooth with a dental implant!

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Dental Implants: The Natural Tooth Replacement

To ensure optimal health after tooth extractions, we often recommend dental implants. The only natural tooth replacement, dental implants replace just your extracted tooth with a post that acts like a tooth root and a dental crown that restores esthetics and function. Dental implants are the ideal long-term solution, unlike a dental bridge, which harms healthy adjacent teeth or a partial denture, which is uncomfortable and unstable. Dental implants will need very little (or no) maintenance outside of normal dental hygiene to remain stable and strong in your jaw. They’ll also never become decayed or stained and if you take good care of them, like the rest of your teeth, they’ll last for many years! Replacing your extracted tooth with a dental implant means you’ll retain a healthy smile, dental function, and natural esthetics, while preserving your jawbone and keeping your existing teeth from shifting out of place. If you need a tooth extracted, ask us about dental implants to replace your tooth!

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