How Do I Get A New Smile In One Day With Same Day Crowns In Bowling Green, KY?

Getting a new smile in one day with same day crowns in Bowling Green, KY, is an exciting and efficient smile restoration option. This advanced approach to restorative dentistry leverages cutting edge technology, including in house milling machines, to provide patients with a beautiful and natural looking smile, in a remarkably short amount of time. Ready to learn more about how people can get a new smile in one day with same day crowns? Continue reading to learn more about the same day crowns procedure.  

How You Can Get A New Smile In One Day With Same Day Crowns In Bowling Green, KY

There are a number of steps that need to be taken when people get a new smile in one day with same day crowns. Here are the specific steps taken in a same day crowns procedure:

Initial Consultation

The journey toward a new smile in one day with same day crowns typically begins with an initial consultation. During this appointment, the patient meets with their skilled and trusted doctor to discuss their specific dental needs, goals, and any concerns they may have. It's essential for the doctor to evaluate the patient's oral health and determine if same day crowns are a suitable solution for their case.

Digital Impressions

To create same day crowns that perfectly fit the patient's mouth and complement their overall appearance, digital impressions are taken of their teeth and oral structures. These impressions provide precise measurements and details that guide the design and fabrication of the tooth crowns.

In House Milling Machine

One of the key elements that enable same day crowns, is the state-of-the- art office’s in house milling machine. This advanced technology allows the doctor to design and manufacture customized tooth crowns on site, saving patients time and giving them a seamless and efficient same day crown procedure process.

Custom Tooth Crown Creation

With the digital impressions as a guide, the milling machine creates the patients customized tooth crown. The milling machine meticulously shapes the tooth crown to match the patient's natural teeth in terms of its size, shape, and shade. The tooth crown is designed to seamlessly blend in with the patient's natural teeth, giving them a beautiful and natural looking new smile.

Quick Placement

Once the same day crown is ready, it is promptly placed on the patient’s tooth, or teeth, by the doctor. The speedy fabrication process typically takes about an hour. This means that patients can walk into the dental office with damaged or discolored teeth, and walk out with a brand new, fully restored smile in just one appointment.

A Beautiful, Natural-Looking Smile

The use of in-house milling machines and other cutting-edge technologies ensures that same day crowns give patients a strong and aesthetically enhanced new smile. Same day tooth crowns are carefully designed to give patients natural looking teeth in terms of their color, shape, and size. As a result, patients can enjoy a beautiful and natural looking new smile.  

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