In Getting Same-Day Crowns In Bowling Green, KY, Can My Smile Be Improved?

An image of same-day dental crowns.

When people are dealing with tooth decay, multiple cavities, and are looking to efficiently improve their smile, then they should look into getting treated with same-day crowns in Bowling Green, KY. By getting treated with same-day crowns, people can improve the look and function of their smile with a brand-new tooth in one dental visit. Continue reading to learn more about how patient’s smiles can be improved with same-day crowns.

How Is My Smile Improved With Same-Day Crowns In Bowling Green, KY?

Same-day crowns are a dental cap that is placed over chipped or cracked teeth, teeth that have had root canals, or teeth that have had a cavity filled. The same-day crown preserves the patients natural tooth root structure with a custom made and quality porcelain restoration.

The best part about same-day dental crowns, is that they can give patients a new and durable new smile in just one day. People get a new smile in one day with same-day dental crowns because the highly skilled doctor uses their in-house E4D technology, a design software and milling technology, to efficiently create the patient’s custom-made crown.

The experienced doctor not only gives patients a beautiful looking new smile with same-day crowns, they will also entirely return the patients dental functionality so they can eat and speak properly.

Who Is A Candidate For Same-Day Crowns?

Candidates for smile improving same-day crowns have natural tooth crowns that are damaged or have had a tooth filling or a root canal performed on it. The candidates tooth root structures, however, should be intact and healthy. Same-day crown candidates will also want to efficiently restore their smile with this life-improving restoration.

After people become candidates for same-day crowns, the quality doctor will prepare the patients teeth that need it by removing enamel from around the edges. Then, an intraoral scanner will be used to take high-quality images of the patients prepared teeth so that their same-day crowns are made for their specific smile.


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