Once My Bone Grafting Procedure Is Complete, Can I Get Treated With Dental Implants In Bowling Green, KY?

a picture of a bone graft model that shows the bone graft site surrounded by natural teeth. the site of the bone graft can be treated with dental implants.

When people are looking for the best teeth replacement option after they have had a bone grafting procedure, then they should consider getting treated with dental implants in Bowling Green, KY. Not only do dental implants replace missing teeth, they can keep the area jawbone where the bone grafting procedure was done healthy and strong.

Continue reading to learn more about why patients should get dental implants after having a bone grafting procedure.


Do I Need A Bone Grafting Procedure To Get Dental Implants In Bowling Green, KY?

In some cases, people will need a bone grafting procedure before they can have their dental implants successfully placed. When people have had missing teeth for a while, the area of the jawbone where their teeth are missing can begin to lose density and strength. In order for dental implants to have a healthy and stable foundation to be placed in, patients will need to get a bone grafting procedure first.

Why Should I Choose Dental Implants To Permanently Restore My Smile?

When it comes to replacing one or more missing teeth, there is nothing quite like dental implants. After patients have had their bone grafting procedure, there is a healing period that needs to take place before the dental implants can be surgically implanted. Once the site of the bone grafting procedure is healed, the dental implants can be precisely placed in that area so they can permanently restore their smile.

Dental implants can keep the patients jawbone healthy and dense because the dental implant post acts like a natural tooth root, stimulating their jawbone. After the dental implant has been placed, it fuses with the patients surrounding jawbone, giving them a permanent new smile.

Once the dental implant is strategically and securely placed, the abutment and crown/prosthesis can be placed, giving patients a healthy, functional, and beautiful new smile that can last them for years if it is taken care of properly. The area of the jawbone where a bone grafting procedure has been performed on is a stable foundation for the patients new and improved smile with dental implants.


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