Crowns in a Single Visit

Welcome to dentistry in the 21st century! Chandler Park Dental Care is pleased to now be able to offer crowns made the same day, while you wait! This is possible using a highly precise computer milling machine that makes crowns right in the office. No more temporaries, additional visits, or crowns that don’t seem to fit right. We start by scanning the tooth with digital laser technology – goodbye goopy impressions! Then you watch us use the software to create the beautiful restoration. After the machine makes the crown, it’s custom stained and glazed to match the rest of your smile. When you leave, you have your new, permanent crown! If you have ever had a crown placed the traditional way, you will love this new system. Ask us if you are a candidate today!


Goodbye Goopy Impressions

The digital intra-oral scanner is dentistry in 3-D. With this scanner, the doctors are able to make accurate digital impressions for your crown or bridge area, eliminating the need in many instances for an uncomfortable tray and putty impression. This technology means an even more precise fit and improved accuracy for your new crown or bridge. This means you’ll spend less time at the dentist and more time enjoying your new smile.


There’s no charge to learn more about one-visit crowns. Call today at (270) 781-2952 to schedule your complimentary consultation.