What Is The Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure In Bowling Green, KY?

a full mouth dental implant patient smiling in a dental chair.

What is worse than a full arch of missing or damaged teeth? Not having teeth can cause people issues from eating and chewing to speaking and smiling properly. Today, however, there is a long-term solution for people to restore their smile. The full mouth dental implant procedure in Bowling Green, KY can give patients a natural looking and fully functional new smile. Continue reading to learn more about full mouth dental implants and how they can be placed. 


How Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Placed In Bowling Green, KY?

The full mouth dental implant tooth replacement option far out matches any solution that currently exists. When patients go to a trusted doctor to get their full mouth dental implants placed, they can look forward to getting treated with advanced skill, precision, and care. When patients go to get their life-improving full mouth dental implants, their procedure begins with them getting 3D scans of their mouth with a cone beam CT scan.

Once the patients new smile is planned with the CBCT scan and their sedation dentistry option has been administered, the patient’s streamlined and customized full mouth dental implant surgery can begin. After the doctor strategically places four or more dental implant posts into the patients mouth, the abutment can be placed on top of the dental implant posts. The abutment is what attaches the dental implant post to the dental prosthesis.

While the surgical sites of the dental implant posts are healing, the patient can get a temporary dental prosthesis until they are ready to get the final dental prosthesis cemented into place. After the full mouth dental implant procedure is done, patients can enjoy a natural looking and functioning new smile that, if taken care of properly, can last them for years to come.


How Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Better Than Traditional Dentures?

When it comes to the stability and health benefits full mouth dental implants give patients, there is no question that they outperform traditional dentures by a long shot. This is because of the difference in how these devices are placed and how that affects the patient in the long run.

The dental implant posts in a full mouth dental implant procedure are permanently placed into the patient’s jawbones. This permanent dental implant post placement not only stabilizes the dental prosthesis to the patients mouth, but it also gives the patients jawbone the health and strength it needs to be long-lasting.

Traditional dentures, on the other hand, are a cheaper tooth replacement option. With lower cost comes lower quality. Traditional dentures cannot guarantee patients protection form their jawbone decaying and losing density over time because.

This is because their jawbone is not being stimulated into health and strength by a natural tooth root or a dental implant post. When the jawbone loses density, the traditional denture is not able to securely fit in the patients mouth, causing the denture to slip and fit uncomfortably in the patients mouth.


Ready For Your Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure?

Not sure if full mouth dental implants are the right tooth replacement option for you? You should come to our modern and experienced office for a consultation to see if full mouth dental implants are the right treatment option for you. Our expert doctors, Dr. Eli Jackson, Dr. Austin Delpont, and Dr. Devin T. Hall are all expertly trained in full mouth dental implant placements.

With decades of expertise between the three of them, providing customized full mouth dental implant treatments have never been as good as with our team. Stop waiting to improve the look and function of your smile. Get in contact with Dr. Eli Jackson and our team of professionals at our Chandler Park Dental Care office to schedule an appointment today!

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